You know school’s back in session in Roland Park when it takes 45 minutes to get through the intersection at Northern Parkway and Roland Avenue in the morning, when you see otherwise shaggy young men in shirts and ties and stylish teens like the two pictured here hanging at Starbucks in their soccer uniforms. Even after a tough, hot practice these two manage to look laid-back chic. (Beautiful skin and gorgeous hair help…not that it matters girls, it’s what’s on the inside that counts…) 

 Samantha Silverman and Maddie Stuzin, Ages 14 and 15 

Hi girls.  Whats with those outfits?

We had practice today. 

What’s the best and worst part of soccer practice?

Running is the worst. Getting to know your team is the best.

What is your fashion style this fall?

Maddie: Blue jeans with a cute sweater and I love Frye boots!

Samantha: I would wear shorts all year round if I could! And I love my Toms.


Samantha: You buy a pair and the company donates a pair to a developing country.

I love that! What will you two miss the most about summer?

Maddie: Just hanging out and not having to do much of anything.

Samantha: And wearing T-shirts and sweatpants whenever you want!