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Under Armour to Outfit Hopkins Athletics, Replacing Nike

An Under Armour-brand Hopkins Lacrosse tee. Photo via JHU campus store.

In a move that seems like it would have already happened years ago, Baltimore’s top university and global athletic apparel maker have linked up on uni’s.

The Ravens Will Be Looking Especially Purple This Thursday

Courtesy Baltimore Ravens
Courtesy Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are sporting a different look than you’re used to for their 2016 rematch against the Browns this week, and it’s very, very purple.

Pigtown Design: Olympic Ski Uniform Inspired by the Star-Spangled Banner?


I am not quite sure how I missed this gem last night:

According to the person responsible for the design, Spyder’s Production Art Manager, Matt Strackbein, “when creating the [U.S. Ski Team Olympic] race suit graphics we knew it was crucial that the racers felt a sincere sense of patriotism, so we utilized ‘stars and stripes’ in a less traditional, more dynamic way … as important as it was to represent the U.S.A., it was equally important that the athletes look and feel fast.imageWhen I began the design process, I thought about times when I feel that same degree of patriotism and I immediately thought about the National Anthem, so I decided to use the song lyrics from the Star Spangled Banner for inspiration. Per the song, one of the most meaningful sightings of the American Flag happened the morning after Francis Scott key witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry. There, ‘by dawn’s early light,’ Key saw that ‘our flag was still there,’ albeit a much larger flag than the small storm-flag that had flown over the fort all night during the battle. But what stood out most upon reading the lyrics was that, because the air was so laden with smoke after the battle, Key recognized it rippling in the water off the edge of the ship on which he was being held captive.image

“I tried to imagine what he was feeling in his heart at that moment – surely a deep sense of pride, not unlike the feeling an athlete must have when they win Olympic Gold. So, for the race suit, we used blue and white fades in the design to represent that early morning setting, and thinner red and white stripes to represent the flag rippling in the water. The goal was to capture as much of that imagery in the race suit as possible so that the U.S. Ski Team Athletes can potentially feel that heightened sense of hope, pride, courage and determination.”

The University of Maryland’s New Uniforms Look Amazing



Two years ago, the Terps were the butt of many internet jokes because their uniforms inspired “instantaneous, visceral disgust.” (I thought they looked pretty cool, but whatever.) That was then. You’d be hard pressed to find someone to criticize the team’s 2013 uniforms, which are, to put it simply, badass.

The Orioles’ “O’s” Logo Is Messed Up and the Team Knows It



Take a good, close look at the Baltimore Orioles’ alternate cap logo. You might notice that the apostrophe (besides being technically unnecessary) is upside down! And this bizarre snafu cost the otherwise very smartly dressed team some position in ESPN’s MLB Uni Watch Power Rankings, in which they placed ninth. The punctuation fail even elicited a “grrr” from ESPN writer Paul Lukas.

Back to School Style


You know school’s back in session in Roland Park when it takes 45 minutes to get through the intersection at Northern Parkway and Roland Avenue in the morning, when you see otherwise shaggy young men in shirts and ties and stylish teens like the two pictured here hanging at Starbucks in their soccer uniforms. Even after a tough, hot practice these two manage to look laid-back chic. (Beautiful skin and gorgeous hair help…not that it matters girls, it’s what’s on the inside that counts…) 

 Samantha Silverman and Maddie Stuzin, Ages 14 and 15 

Hi girls.  Whats with those outfits?

We had practice today. 


What’s the best and worst part of soccer practice?

Running is the worst. Getting to know your team is the best.


What is your fashion style this fall?

Maddie: Blue jeans with a cute sweater and I love Frye boots!

Samantha: I would wear shorts all year round if I could! And I love my Toms.



Samantha: You buy a pair and the company donates a pair to a developing country.


I love that! What will you two miss the most about summer?

Maddie: Just hanging out and not having to do much of anything.

Samantha: And wearing T-shirts and sweatpants whenever you want!

Don’t Mind the Haters, Terps – Your New Look is Great


Today’s biggest fake scandal:  The University of Maryland Terps got new uniforms, and everyone who’s anyone thinks they’re a big fashion faux pas. Or something like that. Last I checked, no one actually was that upset — but the Baltimore Sun insists that the blogosphere was simply erupting with indignation over the University of Maryland’s new football uniforms. Which actually look pretty cute.

“For most of the game, on Facebook, on Twitter, on people’s blogs, folks went on and on and on about the uniforms and their instantaneous, visceral disgust for them,” the Sun frets. The uniforms in question incorporate the black and yellow checkerboard and the red and white cross of the Maryland state flag.

However:  No less a source than the State Flag Power Rankings blog (actually a real thing) finds the flag insidiously compelling (“more and more boss the more I think about it”); and here, another ranking awards it the top spot. In conclusion:  the Maryland flag looks cool, and these uniforms also look cool. Don’t mind the haters, Terps. You guys look great.