The Ravens Will Be Looking Especially Purple This Thursday

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Courtesy Baltimore Ravens
Courtesy Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are sporting a different look than you’re used to for their 2016 rematch against the Browns this week, and it’s very, very purple.

It’s Baltimore’s chance to partake in the NFL’s “Color Rush” promo for this year, in which teams wear a special-edition, monochromatic uniform during their Thursday Night Football matchup. The franchise unveiled them this past September, but enough time has passed that you may have forgotten about the color combo that makes the players look like either old-school superheroes or Hulk-Barnie impersonators, depending on your feelings about them.

The team is bringing the crowd into the mix. All who come out to M&T Bank Stadium on Thursday will get a free commemorative purple or gold flag, depending on their section, to partake in a “Stadium Stripe Out.”

Interestingly enough, the Browns aren’t planning anything special for their uniform choice. Had they gone with their assigned “Color Rush” colorway, they’d be wearing a heavy hue of brown. However, the team announced at the beginning of the season that they were planning to stick with their normal white jerseys worn for away games. The lack of stark contrast between the two colorways likely contributed to their decision.

But there’s plenty more to be excited about than special-edition uniforms this week. The Ravens are coming off a win against the rival Steelers that broke a losing streak and put them back on top of their division. Furthermore, they’ve already beaten the winless Browns (0-9) once this year, back in Week 2.

A second victory in five days would be just what they need to further right their ship after a turbulent first half of the season. Maybe the extra purple will give them the boost they need.

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