The University of Maryland’s New Uniforms Look Amazing

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Two years ago, the Terps were the butt of many internet jokes because their uniforms inspired “instantaneous, visceral disgust.” (I thought they looked pretty cool, but whatever.) That was then. You’d be hard pressed to find someone to criticize the team’s 2013 uniforms, which are, to put it simply, badass.
The team’s helmets are hand-painted and numbered; no two are the same. They are so fresh they have their own YouTube tribute video; how many college football helmets can say that? Even their gloves are intimidating!

Not only do these uniforms look good; they also feature special “no grab” fabric that apparently took Under Armour three years to develop. Guess there’s a certain advantage to being the preferred team of a forward-thinking sports equipment manufacturer…


The team debuted their new uniforms yesterday and prompted to handily defeat the West Virginia Mountaineers (while looking “fabulous” according to the Sun), bringing their record to 4-0. Lucky uniforms or talented players? Or maybe both?


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