The Orioles’ “O’s” Logo Is Messed Up and the Team Knows It

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Take a good, close look at the Baltimore Orioles’ alternate cap logo. You might notice that the apostrophe (besides being technically unnecessary) is upside down! And this bizarre snafu cost the otherwise very smartly dressed team some position in ESPN’s MLB Uni Watch Power Rankings, in which they placed ninth. The punctuation fail even elicited a “grrr” from ESPN writer Paul Lukas.

This logo is so basic you’d think the team would have to be aware of it. And according to Baltimore Business Journal, they are. The Orioles’ vice president of communications and marketing called the cockeyed apostrophe “simply an artistic preference.” Dripping with denial, he went on: “We feel the logo looks better with the apostrophe symbol facing the way it does.”

Yeah. Right.

Show of hands: how many fans were already aware of this?

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