Baltimore Area Drug Dealer Who Wasted a Bunch of Strawberries Ended Up Donating a Large Sum to the Federal Gov’t

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I’ve never considered smuggling massive amounts of cocaine in loads of strawberries. And thank goodness for that, because that means I am not currently facing more than 10 years in prison. Bryan Eammon Williams and Lawrence Lee Hayes, both of Baltimore, were sentenced for conspiring to implement just such a cocaine distribution scheme.

Williams was doing pretty well for a coke dealer (the stuff sells itself, really, and the profit margin is outrageous) until his courier was pulled over in Illinois and found with drug-laden fruits worth as much as $13.6 million retail (not counting the value of the strawberries themselves).

After that, Williams’s illicit business quickly did him in. But as the Sun‘s Justin Fenton points out, the outcome of the case had real cash value for the federal government, which seized an incredible amount of wealth and property from the convict, including multiple homes, jewelry, at least 11 cars, and loads of cash. Read Fenton’s article for a full list of seizures.

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