Baltimore Artist on the Path to International Stardom

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The Whitney Biennial is pretty much a who’s who of contemporary art in America.  Curators have been sifting through potential artists to include for over a year — and come up with their first-ever Baltimore artist.

You may remember Matt Porterfield from his widely acclaimed films (Hamilton; Putty Hill) that play with ideas of narrative structure and documentary truth.  You probably saw his  Sondheim Prize-winning show at the Baltimore Museum of Art earlier this year. Or maybe you’ve read about him on the Fishbowl. 

And now New York has taken notice of one of Baltimore’s immense (and hard-working) talents. It’s about time! We’re excited to see what Porterfield will include in the Biennial, which opens at the Whitney Museum of American Art on March 1 and runs through May 27. And we’re even more stoked to check out Porterfield’s next film, I Used to Be Darker, which filmed in Baltimore this fall. 

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