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Q&A: Filmmaker Matt Porterfield on his Guggenheim Fellowship, creating a sustainable practice and more

Director Matt Porterfield, right, on the set of “Sollers Point” with actor McCaul Lombardi. Photo by Caspar Newbolt.

For local filmmaker Matt Porterfield, receiving a Guggenheim Fellowship offers room to breathe. The creator of the set-in-Baltimore dramas “Hamilton,” “Putty Hill,” “I Used to Be Darker” and “Sollers Point” is using some of the money he was awarded to pay off debt from his last couple features.

Porterfield’s work has been lauded in The New Yorker, The New York Times and The A.V. Club, and by the late Roger Ebert, but that doesn’t alter the budgetary realities of independent movie-making and its delicate margins.

Of course the fellowship also provides opportunity: Porterfield will use funds to finally film a story on young metalheads, called “Metal Gods,” that he’s been kicking around for years–only instead of being shot here in Baltimore, the story will be set in Tijuana, Mexico, where Porterfield travels about once a month to be with his girlfriend, producer Paulina Valencia. For the director and writer, that offers the freeing sense of being able to work on a more intimate project as he tackles his biggest picture to date, “Check Me in Another Place,” following the exploits of a mid-career New York rapper touring Europe.

Even with all that on his plate, Porterfield says he will remain at Johns Hopkins University, where he teaches classes on film production and theory.

I caught up with Porterfield to talk about “Metal Gods,” the similarities between Baltimore and Tijuana, his other future projects and creating a sustainable movie-making practice.

Matt Porterfield’s Latest Baltimore Film Screens Friday in Chicago


Sollers Point

After a world premiere in Spain two weeks ago, Baltimore filmmaker Matt Porterfield’s fourth feature-length film, Sollers Point, finally plays stateside.

Filmmaker Matthew Porterfield Expects ‘Sollers Point’ to be in Theaters by Early 2019

Photo via Johns Hopkins University

Local filmmaker Matthew Porterfield says he’s hopeful his next made-in-Maryland movie, “Sollers Point,” will be in theaters sometime in early 2019.

Homesick New Yorkers Can Watch Baltimore on the Big Screen

Still from Matt Porterfield's film Putty Hill
Still from Matt Porterfield’s film Putty Hill

There’s more than one way to satisfy a homesick Baltimorean, at least if that person happens to live in New York City.

How to Succeed at Sundance



Baltimore filmmaker Matt Porterfield’s third film, I Used to Be Darker (which we’ve written about here and here ) won a rave review from New Yorker film blogger Richard Brody, who picked it as one of the “Three Excellent Sundance Films” he reviewed this week. Brody praised the film for its “clear sense of place” (Baltimore!) and its use of music.  I Used to Be Darker and two other films are “major cinematic events.” As far as blurbs go, that’s not bad at all.

Baltimore Artist on the Path to International Stardom


The Whitney Biennial is pretty much a who’s who of contemporary art in America.  Curators have been sifting through potential artists to include for over a year — and come up with their first-ever Baltimore artist.

You may remember Matt Porterfield from his widely acclaimed films (Hamilton; Putty Hill) that play with ideas of narrative structure and documentary truth.  You probably saw his  Sondheim Prize-winning show at the Baltimore Museum of Art earlier this year. Or maybe you’ve read about him on the Fishbowl. 

And now New York has taken notice of one of Baltimore’s immense (and hard-working) talents. It’s about time! We’re excited to see what Porterfield will include in the Biennial, which opens at the Whitney Museum of American Art on March 1 and runs through May 27. And we’re even more stoked to check out Porterfield’s next film, I Used to Be Darker, which filmed in Baltimore this fall.