How to Succeed at Sundance

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Baltimore filmmaker Matt Porterfield’s third film, I Used to Be Darker (which we’ve written about here and here ) won a rave review from New Yorker film blogger Richard Brody, who picked it as one of the “Three Excellent Sundance Films” he reviewed this week. Brody praised the film for its “clear sense of place” (Baltimore!) and its use of music.  I Used to Be Darker and two other films are “major cinematic events.” As far as blurbs go, that’s not bad at all.

Brody wasn’t the only fan of the film at the festival. It also got praise from TimeOut Chicago (“The best movie I’ve seen at the festival… quietly devastating”) and Indiewire (“another true original, with a handful of singular moments that bare the emotional soul of its characters”), as well as some ever-so-slightly condescending praise from Variety (“At once emotionally charged, formally abstract and narratively laidback, Porterfield’s third feature should sustain the indie cred enjoyed by his much-lauded earlier films.”)

The good news doesn’t stop there:  the film got picked up for distribution by Monterey Media, which is planning a summer theatrical release. Can’t wait that long? I Used to Be Darker screens at the Berlin Film Festival next week, and also was one of five films to get picked up for international broadcast by the Sundance Channel. We’re looking forward to the film’s (as-yet-unplanned) Baltimore premiere — perhaps at the Maryland Film Festival in May? — because we love seeing our city — and our friends — on the big screen.

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