Homesick New Yorkers Can Watch Baltimore on the Big Screen

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Still from Matt Porterfield's film Putty Hill
Still from Matt Porterfield’s film Putty Hill

There’s more than one way to satisfy a homesick Baltimorean, at least if that person happens to live in New York City.

Starting next month, the city’s Museum of Arts and Design is highlighting Baltimore in a five-month movie series called It Came From Baltimore: 40 Years of Cinema From the Charm City, which includes screenings from some of our favorite directors. (Maybe someone should politely write to them and point out that there’s not usually a “the” before Charm City?)

In any case, the series includes John Waters (duh), Matt Porterfield (yay!), and a couple of movies that I actually didn’t know were filmed in Baltimore, including 12 Monkeys. The HBO miniseries The Corner, David Simons’s pre-Wire masterpiece, is also on the schedule.

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