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Baltimore Artists Liven Up a New York Subway Tunnel



The New York City subway system tends to be associated less with art, and more with trash and rats and strange smells. Some ambitious projects are starting to change that–and Baltimore artists are helping out.

Homesick New Yorkers Can Watch Baltimore on the Big Screen

Still from Matt Porterfield's film Putty Hill
Still from Matt Porterfield’s film Putty Hill

There’s more than one way to satisfy a homesick Baltimorean, at least if that person happens to live in New York City.

Wes Moore, Baltimore’s Hometown Hero, Thinks Baltimore is Better Than New York (Duh)



By now, you’ve probably seen him on TV, heard him give a speech, read his book, or read about his book. Wes Moore, the Baltimore native/Rhodes Scholar/bestselling author, has been all over the place since the 34-year old published The Other Wes Moore to national acclaim — and, incidentally, a high-profile job with Oprah.

Dog Love: Tuesdays with Thurber (Thurber Hearts NY)


Thurber’s first trip to NYC included his first Subway ride with his buddy Joe, followed by his first pee in Central Park.

Photo and caption by Sara Lynn Michener.

Did You Know Elmo is Voiced By a Baltimore Native? Award-Winning Documentary Tells the Story


Baltimore native Kevin Clash, who voices the Sesame Street character Elmo, is the subject of Being Elmo, a documentary that opens today in New York.  See the trailer for the film — which won a Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival — on our video landing on the homepage.