Wes Moore, Baltimore’s Hometown Hero, Thinks Baltimore is Better Than New York (Duh)

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By now, you’ve probably seen him on TV, heard him give a speech, read his book, or read about his book. Wes Moore, the Baltimore native/Rhodes Scholar/bestselling author, has been all over the place since the 34-year old published The Other Wes Moore to national acclaim — and, incidentally, a high-profile job with Oprah.

But as the Baltimore Sun reported this weekend, Moore doesn’t want all that attention to go to his head — and so we’re gratified to hear that Moore resisted the siren song of New York City and decided to make our fair city his base of operations. This October, Moore (along with his wife and daughter) moved back to Baltimore, and also plans to make the city the home for his production company. Sure, Baltimore is cheaper — but a whole-hearted investment in the city will pay off in more ways than one, Moore told the Sun:  “My new thing is I want everything I do to be based in Baltimore — I’m moving employees and sites and facilities. All the people in New York working for me, I want to move them here.”

I love Moore’s Baltimore pride, which brings to mind similar why-would-I-move-to-New-York speeches by other locals who have found wide success — electronic musician Dan Deacon; filmmaker Matthew Porterfield — but have no intention to leave town. This is the sort of thing that makes me think that Baltimore’s artistic Renaissance is only just beginning…

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  1. Baltimore is a great city. The people are down-home southern folks, with hip city ways. I feel like Norm in the sitcom, “Cheers.” Here everybody can know your name and you feel like you belong.

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