Matt Porterfield’s Latest Baltimore Film Screens Friday in Chicago

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Sollers Point

After a world premiere in Spain two weeks ago, Baltimore filmmaker Matt Porterfield’s fourth feature-length film, Sollers Point, finally plays stateside.

The Baltimore-shot film will get its American premiere at the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival. One festival programmer cited Sollers Point as a must-see film, praised the work as an “extraordinarily detailed portrait of Baltimore.”

The story follows Keith (McCaul Lombardi), a drug dealer under house arrest in the titular Baltimore neighborhood, as he attempts to mend fences and avoid former gang members. The film’s screening at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in September earned a glowing review at Screen Anarchy, called Sollers Point a “cinematic answer” to James Joyce’s Ulysses in which the city itself emerges as a fully developed character and simplistic archetypes are avoided in favor of realistic portrayals of characters at society’s margins.

There is no official release date for the film, but Porterfield has previously stated that he’d like to see the film make it to theaters in early 2019.




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