Matt Porterfield’s ‘Sollers Point’ to Premiere in Spain Next Week

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Still from “Sollers Point,” via San Sebastian International Film Festival website

Renowned Baltimore film director Matt Porterfield’s latest work is debuting next week at a festival in Spanish Basque Country.

The film, titled “Sollers Point,” will bring festival-goers a story right out of Baltimore. It revolves around a 24-year-old convict recently released from prison and back home in the title’s namesake section of Southeast Baltimore County.

A short description on the San Sebastian International Film Festival’s website reads: “On probation and living in his father’s house after a year of incarceration, 24-year-old Keith navigates his deeply stratified Baltimore neighborhood in search of work and something to give his life new meaning. Though the outside world provides its own share of threats, Keith’s greatest enemies are the demons he harbors within.”

The film stars McCaul Lombardi, a Baltimore native who starred in “American Honey” (2016), as Keith. His father is played by Jim Belushi.

This is Porterfield fourth feature film, following “Hamilton” (2006), “Putty Hill” (2011) and “I Used to Be Darker” (2013). Like those three, “Sollers Point” was shot in Maryland. This premiere stands alone, however, in that each of Porterfield’s other films debuted at the Maryland Film Festival.

Porterfield was awarded the Baltimore area’s prestigious Baker Artist Award last year, and teaches film at Johns Hopkins University. He also won the coveted Sondheim Prize in 2011 for his work on “Putty Hill.” (We interviewed him shortly thereafter – read our Q&A here.)

Speaking about “Sollers Point” after an event at the Parkway Theatre in May, Porterfield told Baltimore Fishbowl’s Ed Gunts, “I’m very proud of it. I think it’s my best work.”

The movie premieres on Wednesday of next week, and is in the running for the San Sebastian International Film Festival’s Golden Shell Prize, according to The Baltimore Sun’s Chris Kaltenbach.

Porterfield has said he expects “Sollers Point” to appear in theaters in early 2019.

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