Sollers Point, a movie by Matthew Porterfield, Starts Filming in Maryland

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Matthew Porterfield and Sollers Point star McCaul Lombardi. Photo via
Matthew Porterfield and “Sollers Point” star McCaul Lombardi. Photo via

Filming has begun on a new made-in-Maryland movie.

Sollers Point is the name of the film, which stars McCaul Lombardi from American Honey” (grandson of football coach Vince Lombardi) and actor Jim Belushi. It’s written and directed by Baltimore native Matt Porterfield, who is following in the footsteps of John Waters, Barry Levinson and other filmmakers who have used the Baltimore area as the setting for a series of movies.

Sollers Point is an economically depressed area in southeastern Baltimore County, accessible from  Sollers Point Road. The movie is about a small-time drug dealer (Lombardi) who is under house arrest at the home of his father (Belushi). While there, he interacts with an impoverished community, plagued with unemployment, segregation, and other societal ills.

Others in the cast include Jurnee Smollett-Bell (from Underground on WGN) and Marin Ireland (from Hell or High Water).

Porterfield’s previous films are Hamilton, Putty Hill, and I Used to Be Darker. He also teaches film at the Johns Hopkins University and recently won a prestigious Baker Artist Award. He is aiming to have Sollers Point ready for release by early 2017.

Maryland gets economic benefits when movies are shot in the area, including jobs for actors and the film crew. Another benefit, in this case, is impromptu performances by Belushi, who has been singing and playing harmonica at local bars while he’s in town. He has recently been seen at the Cat’s Eye Pub and Bertha’s in Fells Point.

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  1. I have seem them filming around there -on sollers where a small church is !! great for our area !!!

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