Baltimore Batman Killed While Checking Batmobile on Md. Highway

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batmobileBaltimore’s caped crusader was killed in a car crash on Sunday. Lenny Robinson, a Batman impersonator whose heroic acts brought joy to sick children in hospitals around Maryland, died Sunday while checking the engine of his Batmobile near Hagerstown, according to Maryland State Police.

Robinson, 51, got out of the Batmobile after it broke down on Interstate 70. He was stopped “partially in the fast lane,” state police said. While he was checking the engine, a Toyota Camry hit the Batmobile, which then hit Robinson. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Camry was not injured, police said.

Robinson, who lived in Owings Mills, began the visits to children with cancer and other illnesses in 2001. He always brought Batman toys to hand out, and was sometimes accompanied by his sidekick, Robin. The Dark Knight emerged from the shadows in 2012, when he was pulled over by police in Silver Spring who had the gumption to check his license plates.

On Sunday night, he was returning from a car show in West Virginia. According to the Washington Post, he had just stopped at a gas station, where he gave toys to some children who were interested in the Batmobile, which was actually a custom-designed Lamborghini that shot flames out the back and released a parachute.

We’ll not soon forget this hero, who used the fancy car and free time that wealth afforded him to give back to children who needed it most.


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