Baltimore Boy Picked for White House Science Fair

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Nine-year-old Baltimorean Jacob Leggette has a hobby that’s unusual for an elementary school student: He’s super into 3D printing.

That interest was piqued by a summer class on the technology held at the Digital Harbor Maker Camp, an annual program where kids get to learn about and experiment with various technologies. Leggette was so entranced with 3D printing that “he was kind of an extra staff member in the room helping out all the other kids,” Shawn Grimes, executive director of the Digital Harbor Foundation, told WBAL.

After the class was over, Leggette wrote letters to a number of 3D printer manufacturers with an unusual deal: If they gave him a printer for free, he’d consult with them on how to make the technology easier to use for kids. One of the companies sent him a printer, and he spent the past year experimenting with it.

In Washington this week, Leggette showed the president a 3D model of the White House that he designed and printed. “He’s such a helpful person so for him to be validated … it’s just too much to even put into words,” Jacob’s mother told WBAL.


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  1. Will “clock boy” of the $15M lawsuit be invited to the White House Science Fair, with the Obama endorsed “cool clock”, which in retrospect looks like a highly successful PR stunt by a family who was capitalizing and trying to cash-in on the current climate of political correctness over common sense? Will he be there?

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