Jack Andraka, the North County High School sophomore from Crownsville who won the Intel Science Award in 2012 and who we wrote about last year, was featured last night on 60 Minutes.  If you’re not familiar with the superstar student, watch the video.  You’ll feel dumber, but proud!

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Susan Dunn

Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founding editor and publisher of Baltimore Fishbowl.

4 replies on “Baltimore “Boy Wonder” On 60 Minutes Last NIght”

  1. Why should I feel “dumber” for watching this lad’s achievements? He has done exactly what we should be encouraging in every school-age resident of this country. He saw a problem, learned what he could from others, and then sought a solution based on what he had learned. This is what we call a responsible citizen.
    It is also what this national science award has been fostering in high school students for decades, first as the Westinghouse Science Fair, then recently as Intel. There are thousands of youngsters engaged in this productive and positive activity each year, but we read and hear only about the sports stars and the drug arrests….until the ‘winner’ is from our own backyard; then we get to read about him. In reality, every one of the hundreds of entrants at the Intel, or at the ISEF [International Science & Engineering Fair] each year win. They win the satisfaction of learning something on their own and of doing well with it. Some of them even go on to be our intellectual capital, and keep us from falling behind India and Japan in technical development.
    We should feel more comfortable to know that, at least in a few cases, the public schools are helping kids achieve high goals. Dumber? I think not. Proud of him, his parents and teachers and his professional mentor? You betcha!

    1. Hey chemjim: That was my failed attempt at humor. I am crazy about this kid, and find him inspiring! Thrilled for him, his parents, teachers and mentors. And, I think Dr. Anirban Maitra, who allowed him to work in his lab, deserves praise too! It’s an all-around, feel-good story for the region. Didn’t mean to get your goat…

    2. Hi Susan,
      Really, I was not offended by the “dumber” comment, but just thought it would make a nice intro to a paean to the young man’s work, and the good company he keeps. These kids deserve all the good press they can get, and then some.

  2. Thanks for updating us on what this remarkable young person is doing. I hope to read more about him in fishbowl in the future

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