Baltimore, You Can Get Alcohol Delivered Starting Today

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Alcohol delivery service Drizly

I know that soon absolutely everything you buy will be delivered to your home the same day you order it. And I know that never actually moving your body can be bad for your health. But I have faith that before that really becomes a problem, our consciousnesses will be stored on a harddrive inside a robot. Wait, I guess then we wouldn’t need food and drink delivered to our door. I guess I’m getting off track. The point is, an alcohol delivery service has come to Baltimore.

Boston-based Drizly offers an app that connects alcohol orders with liquor stores, whose employees deliver the booze (and scan your ID upon arrival!). Baltimore magazine reports that Drizly currently allows customers to order from Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits, Wine Underground, and Dulaney Wine and Spirits.

If you’re still mad about the Patriots and would rather not patronize a business from Boston, Baltimore-based startup Brewber plans to launch its own alcohol delivery operation in Canton and Harbor East soon.

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