Baltimore Chic Invades Brooklyn with Lake Trout Restaurant

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Native Baltimorean and veteran of the New York restaurant scene Matt Lang opens his new Baltimore-themed eatery in Brooklyn today. The restaurant — which in true New York fashion seats only 14 — is called Lake Trout.

On the menu are the titular fried fish sandwich, fried shell-on shrimp, and crab cake. On the walls are trading cards of classic Baltimore sports teams, which Lang was able to buy “super cheap.”

Lang expects the restaurant to serve as a haven for Baltimore expats and “to introduce a bit of Baltimore’s culture to Brooklyn.” In his opinion, the city has plenty to learn about crab cakes, which in New York are apparently “awful.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to try it out next time I’m up that way. The idea of seeing Baltimore culture — even just its culinary aspect — being translated for outsiders is intriguing.

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