A water main in the 13000 block of York Road ruptured Tuesday, causing the Baltimore City Department of Public Works to issue a boil water advisory for parts of northern Baltimore County. The agency lifted that advisory Friday after completing repairs on the ruptured water main. Photo courtesy of Baltimore City Department of Public Works.

A boil water advisory affecting Baltimore County’s Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Sparks and Broadmead communities has been lifted after repairs were completed on a ruptured water main, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works announced Friday.

The agency issued the advisory Tuesday after the 20-inch water main broke in the 13000 block of York Road. DPW said it issued the advisory out of an abundance of caution and no contaminants were found in testing.

Nearly 2,000 households were affected and the Baltimore City Department of Public Works and the Baltimore County government distributed bottled water to residents during the advisory.

DPW gave instructions for affected residents to resume their water service. The agency said residents need to “flush” their pipes before using the water again.

DPW recommends:  

  • Run all cold water taps for 15 minutes.
  • If you have a single-lever faucet, set it to run cold water.
  • Begin with the lowest faucet in your home or business and then open the other faucets one at a time, moving from your lowest floor to your highest.
  • After 15 minutes, turn off your faucets in reverse order, from highest to lowest.
  • You should also flush your refrigerator’s water lines.
  • All ice made since the boil water advisory was put in place should be discarded, as well as the next three batches.
  • Ice maker containers should be wiped clean with a solution of two tablespoons bleach to one gallon of water.
  • Apartment buildings and multi-story buildings should notify all residents, occupants and users of this procedure and flush starting the closest tap to the water connection moving outward.
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