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Plenty of parents have strong feelings about the Common Core curriculum. Not many would go so far as to get arrested because of it — but that’s exactly what happened to Robert Small. The father of a Baltimore County student got so worked up at a public forum night in Towson that he was yanked out of the meeting, arrested, and charged with second-degree assault of a police officer — and offense with a maximum punishment of ten years in prison.

Small’s initial offense? He stood up during the Q&A phase of the meeting and told the other parents that he didn’t like the new curriculum because he felt it wasn’t rigorous enough. He interrupted the meeting to make his point, but other parents seemed to be on his side — his comments were met with some applause, and other audience members chastised the speakers for taking only softball questions. Unfortunately for Small, things escalated from there: an off-duty Baltimore County Police officer (who was serving as a security guard for the meeting) told Small to lower his voice. When he didn’t comply, the officer grabbed Small and shoved him out of the room. As you can see in the video below, Small kept hollering even as he was escorted out the door. This is also apparently when Small allegedly shoved the officer back… hence the second-degree assault charge. (Small’s second charge is for disturbing a school operation, which has a maximum penalty of six months.)

Small’s arrest has already caused some minor drama in the world of people who like to be angry on the internet. The video of the event, which was shot by Ann Miller, has been viewed nearly 400,000 times to date, and has provoked lots of comments passionately defending Small. It seems like Baltimore County may have accidentally created itself a folk hero…

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  1. Wow, thought this was America? To me what could be viewed in the video shows a man with an opinion who had done some research. Not sure how that deserves handcuffs, physical intimidation and an arrest!

  2. The Board would have been shrewder to let him continue rambling until the audience was tired of listening, then respond with the usual boilerplate. It would have made this a non-event.
    But Mr. Small is shown being forcibly ejected from a public meeting while he is not disrupting it, but is trying to make a point. It is possible that this was his intention, since *someone* was recording the whole encounter (a colleague?). If that was his aim, he has succeeded, and the Board looks foolish.

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