Baltimore Drivers Are Rude

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The rudest drivers in the nation live in Houston, and the second-rudest drivers live in Atlanta. The third-worst city for road rage, rude gestures, and other awful driver behavior? Baltimore!

The 2014 Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey looked at behaviors and attitudes including running red lights, slamming on the brakes, eating while driving, and speeding. The survey found that Baltimore drivers were the most likely in the nation to make an obscene gesture, and the second most likely to tailgate. These results um, helped us jump 20 spots in the rudeness rankings; when the survey was last conducted in 2009, Baltimore was ranked as one of the cities with the most courteous drivers. Other rankings have called Baltimore drivers very bad and also kind of ignorant.

So what happened between now and then? Did local potholes get a lot worse? Or did the survey takers just get us on a bad day?

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  1. Clearly the folks who did this survey did not visit Boston, D.C., or (omg) Miami! I would sooner walk than drive in those cities. Baltimore drivers may be clumsy or inefficient, but nowhere near the top on the rudeness scale.

  2. I am SO proud, although I resent being called “very bad” and “kind of ignorant.” Seriously…KIND OF????

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