Hey, Baltimore — you’re looking remarkably flexible these days. More flexible than Boise, for sure, although not quite as limber as San Francisco — then again, who is?!
In a recent study commissioned by Forbes and conducted by marketing firm GfK MRI, Baltimore turned out to be one of the best cities in the country for yoga. (The others were, unsurprisingly, clustered up and down the East and West coasts — except for, inexplicably, Boise.) The surveyors asked respondents whether they practiced yoga, and (if so) how often and for how long. Baltimoreans were 28 percent more likely to do yoga than the general population, a fact that Forbes attempts to explain by noting that several Ravens players are “avid yogis.”

(If any readers happen to know what yoga class Ray Rice attends, please let me know so I can start showing up, too.) And, as we pointed out earlier this year, Baltimore is also home to one of the only schools in the nation where you can get a master’s in yoga science.

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