Donald Trump didn’t directly reference Baltimore in last night’s debate, like he did in his prior meeting with Clinton. But the Republican candidate once again talked about how “inner cities” are among a number of things that are “a disaster.” That prompted a response from a local journalist who has been chronicling in this inner city.

Writing in Vox, Stacia L. Brown of the Rise of Charm City documentary series on WEAA details her experience telling stories of Baltimore, like Pennsylvania Avenue’s Shake and Bake roller skating rink and a model’s renovation project on Eutaw Place. She lays out the case against Trump’s characterizations of the city.

“…Contrary to what Trump insists on repeating at far too many campaign stops, Baltimore’s inner city is no hellhole and the black residents living there don’t need help from a faux-benevolent outsider who believes — without having taken so much as a walking tour — that their neighborhoods are doomed.”

Along with denouncing Trump’s broad characterizations, Brown offers evidence that community-level efforts to improve neighborhoods are already happening. That’s what a president should seek to support, she writes.

At least in Baltimore, there hasn’t been a lot of evidence that Trump is looking to see those efforts for himself. Last time he was here, Trump spent time in the Convention Center talking to the National Guard, then went to Dundalk.

Read the whole article on Vox.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.