… but less literate than DC. That is, according to the newly-released data from America´s Most Literate Cities, an annual report that ranks metro areas based on indicators like number of bookstores, newspaper circulation, and educational attainment.

For the second year in a row, DC topped the list, followed by Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Boston. Baltimore was 18th this year (same as last), beating out not only Honolulu but also New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. So there!

Baltimore ranked highest in our number of bookstores (15th) and publications (13th), but we´re not too shabby in the other categories, either.

However, as GOOD magazine points out, literary-ness doesn´t seem to correlate with money, at least according to this study. The most literate cities aren´t the wealthiest. But, as GOOD notes, a city´s committment to literacy can be one way to help close the poverty gap.