Models wear clothing designed by Baltimore native Rakeem Miles for the “Halo” video game series. Photo courtesy of Halo.

Baltimore rapper and designer Rakeem Miles’ clothing line, Action Figure Miles, is rising to new heroic heights following recent collaborations with clothing retailer PacSun and the “Halo” video game series.

Action Figure Miles, both the name of the clothing line itself and the hero character that the real-life Miles created, is characterized by cartoon-like designs colored by vibrant greens, blues, yellows, and pinks.

“I created Action Figure Miles as a representation of my childhood,” Miles said. “I loved action figures as a kid, and I also was very troubled as a kid, so the blue that you see throughout my designs represented sadness and the figure represented heroism which I wanted and needed in my life from a father figure.”

Sean Wotherspoon, responsible for one of Nike’s most popular shoe designs, the Air Max 97/1, joined Miles in designing a new set of t-shirts and sweatshirts now sold by PacSun.

A model sports a varsity jacket designed by Baltimore native Rakeem Miles in collaboration with Sean Wotherspoon for clothing retailer PacSun. On the jacket are patches shaped like comic book exclamations with phrases like “Don’t settle,” “Don’t let the negativity get you,” and “Run towards greatness!” Photo courtesy of PacSun.

Patches on Miles’ varsity jacket are shaped like comic-book exclamations. But instead of “Pow!” and “Bam!” they hold encouraging phrases like “Don’t settle,” “Don’t let the negativity get you,” and “Run towards greatness!”

Some of Miles’ work directly relates to how he was feeling in a specific moment. He believes that process brings forth authenticity in his work.

“When I go into creating clothing for AFM or any project for AFM, I go off my feelings at that time and what I’m most inspired by,” Miles said. “I make whatever I feel and transition those feelings into something I’ll wear.”

Miles created Action Figure Miles to counteract some of the depressive and doleful thoughts he dealt with and fought throughout his life.

In his “Halo” collaboration, Miles was inspired by his push for mental health awareness. One t-shirt reads “Self Care” on the front with images of the Action Figure Miles character and the “Halo” series’ protagonist Master Chief. Another piece depicts AFM and Master Chief combined in a manner visually similar to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man.”

“Master Chief has always been a heroic character, someone who you can learn from, who is a leader, and who doesn’t have any fear,” Miles wrote in an Instagram post. “The Action Figure Miles character that I have developed and built my brand around is also a hero. Like Master Chief, he pushes through boundaries with the world on his shoulders.”

Miles has also collaborated with notable musical names such as Chad Hugo, one half of the four-time Grammy Award-winning production duo The Neptunes (the other half being Pharrell Williams). He has also performed in major festivals, such as Firefly; put on his own music festival, “Weird and Awful”; and released an album titled “Action Figure Miles.”

“I think fashion and music work hand in hand because music is so image-based, and you can set yourself apart through fashion….[T]he same goes with music as it pertains to the style of sounds,” Miles said.

Miles added that he has another collaboration in the works with retail store Urban Outfitters and he will announce more details in the future.

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