Baltimore already has some amazing monuments: the bust of Frank Zappa; the giant golden hand at the American Visionary Art Museum; the Edgar Allan Poe statue that my friend swears has an, um, unusual physical attribute (check it out for yourself sometime). 

But what Baltimore does not yet have is a monument to Divine, the drag queen made famous by John Waters (and supposedly the inspiration for The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula!).

According to the Sun, an intrepid bunch of locals is trying to remedy this oversight by petitioning Baltimore’s Public Art Commission to erect an eight-foot-tall marble monument at the corner of Read and Fleet streets, near the site where the infamous last scene of Pink Flamingos  was filmed. “There will be pilgrimages to see this, I think,” Michal Makarovich, who is spearheading the request, told the Sun. The planned monument would include dog turds cast in bronze to represent the, well, dog turds that Divine ate in that infamous scene. How could that not draw a crowd? I, for one, am in favor.

Learn more about the effort here — and stay tuned for a forthcoming Kickstarter to raise at least some of the $50-100,000 that the monument will likely cost.