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Divine Took Trampoline Lessons to Prepare for Role in ‘Female Trouble,’ Pat Moran Reveals

Image via Maryland Film Festival/Parkway Theatre

The actor Divine was so dedicated to his craft that he took trampoline lessons at the YMCA to prepare for a scene in filmmaker John Waters’ 1974 movie, “Female Trouble.”

“Restored! Revolting!”: John Waters’s Multiple Maniacs Re-Release Announced



Finally, we have the long-awaited details about the re-release of Multiple Maniacs, filmmaker John Waters’ 1970 “celluloid atrocity” starring Divine and a giant lobster let loose in the streets of Baltimore. 

Someone Made John Waters Themed Nesting Dolls, and, Well, Here They Are

Via Dangerousminds.net
Via Dangerousminds.net

BoBo BaBushka promises “nesting dolls with attitude.” With these three John Waters and Divine-inspired sets, they really deliver.

There’s a New Crowdfunding Campaign Raising Money for a Monument to Divine

An artist's rendering of the proposed eight-foot monument by Sebastian Mortarana.
An artist’s rendering of the proposed eight-foot monument by Sebastian Mortarana.

If at first you don’t succeed, try another crowdfunding source.

That’s the route taken by six Baltimore residents who have proposed to build a monument to honor the late actor and Baltimore native Harris Glenn Milstead, also known as Divine, using money raised privately so no city funds are involved.

Baltimore’s Public Art Commission Approves Proposed Divine Monument

An artist's rendering of the proposed eight-foot monument by Sebastian Mortarana.
An artist’s rendering of the proposed eight-foot monument by Sebastian Mortarana.

But it still might not happen.

Baltimore Needs a Divine Statue



Baltimore already has some amazing monuments: the bust of Frank Zappa; the giant golden hand at the American Visionary Art Museum; the Edgar Allan Poe statue that my friend swears has an, um, unusual physical attribute (check it out for yourself sometime). 

How Divine Inspired the Little Mermaid’s Ursula



Baltimore’s beloved Divine, the larger-than-life drag performer known for outrageous acts (ahem, eating dog poop) in John Waters movies, is an unexpected inspiration for a Disney movie. But the world works in mysterious ways.

John Waters Gives a Tour of Hip 1981 Baltimore


1981 john waters

There’s something so deliciously early 80s about this clip of John Waters promoting a film (1981’s Polyester) and showing a film crew around the Baltimore of 30+ years ago. There are glimpses of Edith Massey‘s store in Fells Point, Arabbers trotting down the street, and a very young John Waters looking too cool for school.

Who Should This New Baltimore Elementary School Be Named After? Four Suggestions



Although it’s still only in the construction phase, the brand-new elementary school in Mays Chapel Park in Timonium is in need of a name. “A goal for this school is for it to be a truly community-oriented school, one in which collaboration with parents, teachers, students and the community is an important and beneficial hallmark,” Steve Coco, the school’s first principal, said according to the Baltimore Sun. “I’m looking forward to hearing from voices across our area through the process of considering and selecting just the right name for our new school.” According to Baltimore County school officials, the name must reference “a community, subdivision or street where the school is located, the geographic location of the school, a significant landmark near the school, or a deceased, prominent person who made an ‘outstanding contribution of service’ to the county, state, or country.” Which gives me a few ideas:

Divine’s Lost Underground Baltimore Movie “Vacancy”

Divine at age 12

The author of “Low Budget Hell:  Making Underground Movies with John Waters” shares the story of an attempt to make an underground movie in Baltimore called “Vacancy” by two Baltimore college student filmmakers shortly after the release of “Pink Flamingos” in 1972, in which Divine played a supporting role.  Though, tragically, never finished, the filmmakers greatly assisted Waters with “Female Trouble,” which they characterized as a “student film” so he could use facilities and students at the brand new film school at The University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Divine in Pink Flamingos

After making real money from Pink Flamingos, John could move to the next movie, Female Trouble.  His previous films had been made with the help of a moonlighting local TV news cameraman who would bring a “single-system” 16mm film camera to John’s shoots and set the exposure while John filmed with the ungainly camera mounted with a brace on his shoulder.  Single system film was designed strictly for news stories that cut from master scene to master scene and allowed only the most primitive editing.