Who Should This New Baltimore Elementary School Be Named After? Four Suggestions

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Although it’s still only in the construction phase, the brand-new elementary school in Mays Chapel Park in Timonium is in need of a name. “A goal for this school is for it to be a truly community-oriented school, one in which collaboration with parents, teachers, students and the community is an important and beneficial hallmark,” Steve Coco, the school’s first principal, said according to the Baltimore Sun. “I’m looking forward to hearing from voices across our area through the process of considering and selecting just the right name for our new school.” According to Baltimore County school officials, the name must reference “a community, subdivision or street where the school is located, the geographic location of the school, a significant landmark near the school, or a deceased, prominent person who made an ‘outstanding contribution of service’ to the county, state, or country.” Which gives me a few ideas:

+Ray Lewis Elementary. Since the most important thing that happens in school is, of course, sports. Just think about how much these kids could learn about getting extremely psyched if Ray was their namesame!

+Divine Academy. You know that John Waters is eventually going to get some sort of Baltimore building named in his honor. But why not use this opportunity to pay tribute to Waters’ most enduring muse? Okay, I can think of several reasons why not… but still, it would be really cool.

+John Wilkes Booth Elementary. You know, just for laughs. The mascot could be “The Assassins”!

+Gertrude Stein Elementary. The experimental writer/celebrated ex-pat lived in Baltimore when she was growing up and later attended Johns Hopkins Medical School for a couple years — and we don’t take nearly enough credit for that. And it’s never too early to start getting kids excited about non-linear art!

Submit your own ideas by emailing [email protected] by Friday, October 18.

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