This Is What Baltimore Needs to Really Become Bike-Friendly

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Okay. Forget about my suggestion to increase parking rates in Baltimore to encourage greater use of bicycles and public transit. (I mean, it wasn’t really my suggestion anyway.) This is what we really need to foster a bike community: a bike elevator to help cyclists up steep hills.

Here are the specs, from The Atlantic Cities: “To begin, you just push the green button at the “start station” and wait for the first footplate. You then stand up on your bike and put your right foot and all of your weight on the footplate. The launcher at the start station will give you gentle push to accelerate from zero to 1.5 meters per second. The lift can go up to 2 meters per second, handling a maximum of 300 cyclists per hour. It supports inclines of up to 18 percent grade and can extend as long as 1,640 feet.”

They’ve got them in Scandinavia, and they look awesome.

I can think of a few spots in Hampden where this would be really useful. Plus, you look great using it!

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  1. Fascinating — maybe before they install it, though, they could fix the giant sinkholes from this past winter? I also have noticed that on Roland Avenue, where the city spent a decent chunk of change putting in bike lanes, the cyclists ride just OUTSIDE the actual bike lane, in the already narrower car lane — one has to routinely swerve around them — what do we think is happening there? Just curious…

  2. Agreed with Millicent. I often see two bike riders riding right NEXT to each other, so that they take up much more room than they need to. I also see runners running in the bike lane rather than the sidewalk. Why?!!

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