Devin Allen’s compelling photography from Baltimore’s unrest last April not only earned him an acclaimed Time cover, but it also made him famous

Ever since Allen found sudden success in his photography, he’s been careful to use his work and his increased profile to uplift others. Last June, he donated his photographs from the protests to the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History & Culture last June, and he figures he’s given art presentations to more than 2,000 students since then.

Now, according to Yes! Magazine, Allen has begun mentoring Baltimore students in photography. “Through Their Eyes,” an exhibit hosted by Arts Every Day, features the work of seven students from Windsor Hills Middle School.

Allen worked with the small group of student photographers over the course of three months, and they wound up producing some pretty stunning images (some of which you can see here).

Allen told Yes! that the process went well enough that he’s going to continue teaching photography to Baltimore youth.