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The New Yorker’s Photo Desk Put Devin Allen in Charge of Their Instagram for Several Days

Allen posted this image from outside the Gilmor Homes, titled “R.I.P Freddie Gray,” as his final shot last night. Image via The New Yorker/Instagram.

All 512,000 followers of The New Yorker photo desk’s Instagram likely noticed Devin Allen’s iconic photography of the Baltimore Uprising at some point this week.

Smithsonian to Feature Devin Allen’s Photography in Exhibition Opening in May

“Untitled,” by Devin Allen, via Smithsonian

Devin Allen’s iconic photos of Baltimore are making their way into an exhibition at the Smithsonian’s newest museum.

Devin Allen’s New Photography Book About the 2015 Uprising Comes Out on June 13

“Untitled,” by Devin Allen

Two years ago, Baltimore photographer Devin Allen became an internationally known name for his raw images capturing the spring 2015 uprising. His newest upcoming book, “A Beautiful Ghetto,” chronicles those fateful days that followed the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

In “Baltimore Rising,” Artists React to the Civil Unrest of April 2015

"Untitled," by Devin Allen
“Untitled,” by Devin Allen

How is Baltimore doing since the riots in April 2015? What has changed? What still needs to change?

Baltimore’s Devin Allen Puts Success to Good Use



Devin Allen’s compelling photography from Baltimore’s unrest last April not only earned him an acclaimed Time cover, but it also made him famous

Amateur Baltimore Photog Shoots Best Magazine Cover of the Year



Before April, few people knew who Baltimore photographer Devin Allen was. Then came April’s unrest, which Allen chronicled with a careful eye and a real affection for the city. One of his candid shots even made the cover of Time–and now that image is being called one of the best magazine covers of 2015.

Baltimore Amateur Photographer Donates Archive to Local Museum



Devin Allen, the 26-year-old Baltimore native, captured the nation’s attention with his photographs of the recent unrest in Baltimore. His shots, posted on Instagram, were favorited by Rihanna and Beyonce; he was featured on NPR and MTV; and one of his images was selected for the cover of Time, only the third time the magazine has so featured the work of an amateur photographer.

The Ordinary Baltimoreans Who Unexpectedly Became Famous This Week



The national media has descended on Baltimore this week, and some local characters have found themselves unexpectedly in the spotlight.