Baltimore Pilots Innovative ATM Robbing Technique

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I always imagined that stealing from an ATM would involve some sort of complicated computer hack that would result in the money machine spitting thousands of $20s at me. It turns out I was thinking too small.

Surveillance cameras in West Baltimore captured two men using a different technique to steal money from an ATM: They just took the whole darn machine:

Most ATMs carry about $10,000 in cash, and attempts to get it out usually are as (un)successful as they were on Breaking Bad. But if done right, “it’s a lower-risk, higher-yield score than just robbing a store,” security consultant J.R. Roberts told the Palm Beach New Times.

The Baltimore ATM thieves did a better job than these bozos in Florida, who tried — and failed — to heist an ATM… while wearing superhero costumes.

According to the Sun, Baltimore Police believe the two thefts are related, and ask anyone with information about the crimes to give them a call at 1-866-7LOCKUP.

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