Baltimore Police Helicopter Assists in Chase Through Canton

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If you were in Canton yesterday around 4:30 p.m., you might have witnessed a police chase. Officers pursued a stolen vehicle for half an hour mostly through the streets of Canton, with assistance from a helicopter. And that’s really where they get you, and why eluding police in a car usually only if you’re driving the Batmobile — the helicopter. Once the helicopter is out, it’s over — it becomes an inevitable, slow-speed chase.

Your best bet (in my humble opinion) is to park it in a crowded area, don a disguise, exit through a secret hatch in the floor, and blend in with the crowd. Of course, if it’s a stolen vehicle, you’ve got to install the hatch on the fly, before you drive it off. It’s complicated — email me for further details.

In this case, the driver “ran into an alley and into a backyard” where he was nabbed.

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