Baltimore Police Warn of Fenderbender Carjackings

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Over the past few weeks, there have been reports across the city of a particular flavor of carjacking.

According to Baltimore Police, an increasing number of incidents are resembling what they call a “Bump and Rob Crime Pattern,” in which the would-be car thief will get into a minor fender-bender with another car — that’s the bump — and then, when the person pulls over and gets out of the car, the thief hops in and drives away. In some cases, drivers have been beaten or threatened with a weapon. While a number of arrests have already been made, the incidents keep happening, the Sun reports; so far this year, carjackings are up 47 percent over 2015.

If bumped from behind, police recommend that you stay in your car, lock the doors, and try to catch the attention of a police officer.

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  1. Are they kidding? TRY to catch the attention of a police officer??? Get real – you could get shot just sitting waiting on a cop. How about get the description and license plate number and the drive away while calling 911!

    • Agreed, Deb. Also to consider, then when you don’t have a police witness, the insurance company for the other driver tries to get out of paying even when you get a police report after the fact. (Not making it up. That was Liberty Mutual’s response to an unwitnessed by police report to their insured person hitting me and taking off.) This is such a bad scenario no matter what.

    • The cars they are using are no doubt stolen so it wouldn’t matter anyway. Why do we pay extra for insurance in Baltimore again?

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