Baltimore Is Rich. Wait, What?

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The richest metro area in the country bar far is Washington DC, with a median household income of around $90,000. That’s not too surprising, nor was I shocked to hear about #2 (San Francisco) or #3 (Boston). But who would’ve thought that the fourth-richest metro area in the country was… Baltimore!?

One reason, of course, is that this data looks at the entire metro area, which means the low-income earners of Baltimore City get grouped in with the surrounding (wealthy) counties. We also benefit from some of the same factors that propelled DC to the top of the list: lucrative government and research jobs. Still, it’s important to remember that nearly a quarter¬†of the city still lives below the poverty line.

Incidentally, the four poorest metro areas in the country, according to this metric? Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Miami, and Tampa.

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