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Poor Baltimoreans Need More Help As Water, Sewer Rates Keep Climbing, Report Says

Photo by Ángelo González
Photo by Ángelo González

No one likes a higher water bill. However, ongoing increases in the water and sewer rates in Baltimore could leave Baltimore’s impoverished residents in particularly dire straits without more help from the city, according to a new report from the Abell Foundation.

Maryland Is the Wealthiest State in America



With an average median household income of $73,971, Maryland again ranks as the richest state in the nation in 2015.

What Counts as “Middle Class” in Baltimore?



As we’ve previously noted, Baltimore makes it on to lists of both the richest and poorest cities in America. So where does that leave the middle?

Baltimore Is Rich. Wait, What?



The richest metro area in the country bar far is Washington DC, with a median household income of around $90,000. That’s not too surprising, nor was I shocked to hear about #2 (San Francisco) or #3 (Boston). But who would’ve thought that the fourth-richest metro area in the country was… Baltimore!?

This Map Shows Baltimore’s Biggest Problem


Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 8.26.38 AM

Baltimore’s such a complicated place. That’s true for a lot of reasons, but the newly-released census data tells a more simple story. Baltimore is poor, while all its surrounding counties are rich — quite rich, in fact.

In fact, six of the ten richest counties in the country are located in Maryland and Virginia, essentially in the DC suburbs. That’s a concentration of wealth that the Atlantic calls “truly astonishing.” Meanwhile, as James Briggs writes in the Baltimore Business Journal, “Baltimore looks like an island of poverty.”

Theodore Lerner is the Richest Person in Maryland


Courtesy Citybizlist – The international wealth management firm Wealth-X recently compiled a report listing the richest person in every state.

Micfosoft mogul Bill Gates, of the state of Washington, was the richest person in America with a net worth of $70.8 billion.

Theodore “Ted” Lerner, with a net worth of $4.1 billion, is the richest person in Maryland.

Here are some of the states and their richest billionaires, according to Wealth-X:

7. Michael Bloomberg, $21.4 Billion
State: New York
Michael Bloomberg, the current mayor of New York City, is the founder and owner of Bloomberg L.P.

How Much Will That Baby Cost You?



The average baby born in 2012 will be cute, drooly… and expensive; according to the USDA, it will cost $241,080 to raise a child born this year until s/he turns 18 — and that’s not even counting college.

For the purposes of this study, Maryland counts as a southern state — and that’s a good thing, since the southeast turns out to be the least expensive urban region in which to raise a child:  Average costs are a mere $226,260; a northeastern baby is more than $50,000 more expensive. Adjust for inflation, and today’s new parents can expect to spend more than $300,000 on their newborns.

Income Mobility: How Does Baltimore Measure Up?


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We like to think of the United States as an equal-opportunity kind of country, where people who work hard get rewarded, and where it’s possible for anyone to end up better off than their parents were. But, according data from a new study, it turns out that geography has a huge impact on the odds that children born to poor families will rise into the middle class, or whether kids born into wealthy families will stay that way.

Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks in Baltimore


baltimore rent overall

We live in an economically-segregated world, so much so that it’s sometimes difficult to get a wider view and see things as they really are. That’s why I’m a fan of websites like Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, where a savvy data journalist has combined U.S. census data with Google Maps technology to create a stark visual representation of who lives where — and how much it costs.