The 83 speed cameras that surveil Baltimore city motorists and give out $40 tickets like candy are getting some push back from the City Council after an investigative piece in the Sun revealed that the cameras are often inaccurate, and citations are often unfairly processed.

Councilman Brandon Scott, vice chairman of the public safety committee, is calling for a hearing in which City Council members can ask representatives from the Department of Transportation questions like “What gives?” and “Are you kidding me?” regarding instances of continuing to use cameras that were found to be inaccurately recording speeds.

The mayor has said little to nothing about the issue, but her spokesman Ian Brennan did try to keep up appearances that the speed cameras are intended to slow down drivers in school zones as opposed to simply generate revenue.

Yesterday, the mayor’s office announced that most speed camera tickets go to non-residents. I guess that’s supposed to make all the monkey business moot?