Baltimore the Second-Best City for Gay Singles Looking for Marriage, Kids

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Forget San Francisco and Provincetown; gay singles who are pining to settle down with a partner and children should head to Baltimore, according to a recent poll by online dating site

(Well — Baltimore actually came in second place; the site’s top-ranked city for marriage-and-kids-oriented LGBT populations was Richmond, Virginia. But come on! Same-sex marriage isn’t likely to get legal status in Virginia any time soon. Baltimore clearly wins out.) is that wacky site that claims to have a scientific algorithm underlying their matchmaking scheme, and true to form they explain their findings with some nice-sounding pseudoscience:

“The brain circuits for romantic love and deep attachment to a partner lie way below the thinking cortex, in survival pathways that evolved millions of years ago. Gays and lesbians inherited these brain circuits just like the rest of us,” says the site’s “Chief Scientific Advisor” Dr. Helen Fisher. “But the gays and lesbians in these 10 cities have an extra predisposition. Most are also predominantly what I call ‘Negotiators’ –men and women particularly expressive of the estrogen system in the brain. Negotiators tend to be empathetic, linguistically skilled, adept at handling people-and nurturing. So many will ‘naturally’ want to wed and rear kids, as this study elegantly shows.”

Well… whatever. But if you’re gay and feeling like getting domestic in Baltimore, it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Maybe you’ll find that perfect partner at Baltimore Pride, which kicks off next weekend?

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