Baltimore Wins “Building of the Year” Award

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Every year, the professionals at World-Architects (don’t ask me why there’s a hyphen; I didn’t name them!) highlight a few new buildings that have caught their eye. In 2014, one of them was in Baltimore.The Henderson-Hopkins school in East Baltimore was named “building of the year” by the group:

The K-8 school occupies two city blocks, but it is broken down into about a dozen small buildings to create a city within a city and achieve a scale that is in concert with the surrounding row houses. This contextual-modern approach comes across as well in the materials, particularly the brick-colored concrete and translucent glazing.

Of course, the school, a multi-million dollar project formed in partnership with Hopkins, the Baltimore City public school system, and Morgan State University, features way more than just cutting-edge architecture. But sometimes it’s nice to be honored for your pretty outside, too.

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