Baltimore Woos Players With Promises of Free Crab Cakes for Life

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 crab cake

One way to convince a baseball player to move to your town is to offer him a lot of money. But that’s not the only way.

The Orioles have made an offer to outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, formerly of the New York Mets. The offer was in the $75-90 million range, according to ESPN. That’s… a lot of money. But then a local restaurant decided to sweeten the deal. Via Twitter, Jimmy’s Seafood offered Cespedes a very, very sweet deal if he signs with the O’s:

Now, it’s true that with $75 million, Cespedes probably could buy himself all the crab cakes he could ever want. But this still made for a nice gesture of goodwill. (And the guy does seem to be able to enjoy himself some crabs.)

But apparently Cespedes didn’t make up his mind quickly enough. Jimmy’s made a similar offer to Chris Davis, promising free crab cakes not only to him, but also his kids… and their kids. And it worked, with Davis signing on for seven more years… meaning that Cespedes is out of the running for the O’s this year.The moral of the story is: No one can resist free crab cakes.

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