Baltimoreans to Join Other Americans in Protesting Trump’s Election

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Trump protesters down in D.C. last July
Trump protesters down in D.C. last July

In cities across the country, thousands of Americans have swarmed the streets to protest the outcome of this past Tuesday’s presidential election. Tonight, activists are planning to gather the masses here in Baltimore at a couple locations.

The activist group Baltimore Bloc is organizing the first protest. They posted an event on Facebook simply called “Anti-Trump March,” scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. in the Charles Village neighborhood.

The description of the event reads: “Donald Trump is a racist demagogue whose contributions to America began in reality TV and ended in the rise of a fascist regime. Today, we’re protesting in order to show him that he won’t receive law, order, or peace of mind for the next four years.”

The gathering was slated to begin at 33rd Street and Guilford Avenue near Union Memorial Hospital, according to the original Facebook event. However, the organizers moved it to 2010 N. Charles Street later in the afternoon.

A second protest led by the Peoples Power Assembly, SCLC and other groups and is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. down at McKeldin Square in the Inner Harbor. On social media, it’s been labeled as “Trump is not our president.” While the first protest is slated to last only an hour – though these events do tend to run long – this one apparently continues overnight, through 9 p.m. Friday. As one commenter noted, “That’s a really long time.”

According to one of the first protest’s organizers, those gathered there will march down to the Inner Harbor, about two miles south straight down Charles Street.

The Baltimore Police Department hasn’t responded yet to a request for comment about how they’re preparing for the planned protests. This past summer, a small group gathered downtown to speak out against the police-involved shooting death of Korryn Gaines, but nothing violent or unruly unfolded. However, based on the social media response, turnout could be much higher for these gatherings.

So far, protests have unfolded in in nearly a dozen U.S. cities since Trump took the White House late Tuesday night. Some burned effigies of Trump’s head, and officers in riot gear were seen pushing back against some crowds, according to USA Today. Things looked particularly testy last night in Los Angeles, D.C. and New York.

These are tense times. Let’s hope that here in Charm City, both sides can keep things safe for everyone.

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