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Baltimoreans to Join Other Americans in Protesting Trump’s Election

Trump protesters down in D.C. last July
Trump protesters down in D.C. last July

In cities across the country, thousands of Americans have swarmed the streets to protest the outcome of this past Tuesday’s presidential election. Tonight, activists are planning to gather the masses here in Baltimore at a couple locations.

Urban Landscape: A New Effort to Save Fells Point’s Wooden Houses; McKeldin Fountain Pulverized; Under Armour Project Honored; MOM’s Opening in White Marsh



They’re the ultimate fixer-uppers. They have no electricity or running water. Even worse, there’s no off-street parking and no roof decks with harbor views. And they’re more than 200 years old.

Rally in Honor of Charleston Shooting Victims in Baltimore Tonight



This week’s horrendous shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston claimed nine victims--including a track coach, a librarian, a state senator, and many other beautiful souls. It’s easy to feel helpless after such a horrible incident. But sometimes even just gathering together can feel like taking a small, positive step.

Ice Skating Returns to Inner Harbor This Weekend

Ice skating at Rash Field, where it used to be.
Inner Harbor ice skating in its former location at Rash Field.

Temperatures are taking the plunge, and it feels more like February than November. The frosty conditions could be a reason to stay at home this weekend. Or, they could be a reason to celebrate the fact that Inner Harbor finally has ice skating again. 

This November, Sharpen Your Skates and Head to McKeldin Plaza



McKeldin Plaza
McKeldin Plaza, ca. 2011. Photo by Casey McKeel, via Occupy Bmore

We may not get a fishable, swimmable harbor until 2020 (if then!), but we get an ice skate-able one by November. That is to say, Waterfront Partnership Inc. just got the go-ahead to install an ice skating rink at McKeldin Plaza for Baltimore’s cold season.

Waterfront Partnership are currently gathering sponsorships to pay for it. (T. Rowe Price just promised $250,000, so looks like they’re good.) If the money works out, the rink would measure 60 feet by 120 feet and operate from November to February.

Ugly/Iconic Downtown Fountain Due for Demolition

Photo by Casey McKeel, via Occupy Bmore
Photo by Casey McKeel, via Occupy Bmore

Two years ago, the fountain at the center of the Inner Harbor’s McKeldin Plaza was the rallying point for the Occupy Baltimore movement. But the developers in charge of revamping the Inner Harbor think that the fountain — a classic example of Brutalist architecture — doesn’t give off a “welcoming” vibe, and are moving forward with plans to tear it down.

Baltimore Reacts to the Zimmerman Verdict



Baltimore reacted to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin with passionate calls for justice and for peace. Several local faith and community leaders stood with Baltimore Police Comissioner Anthony Batts urging a peaceful reaction to the controversial verdict, even as they made no bones about their own outrage. Empowerment Temple’s Rev. Jamal-Harrison Bryant even credited the outcome with “the devaluing of black life.” 

Occupy Baltimore Not Quite a Year Later


On Monday the natonwide Occupy movement celebrated its first anniversary, counting from day one of the original protest on Wall Street. And though Baltimore’s own satellite protest in McKeldin square didn’t kick off until October 4, local activists honored the milestone as well. The Occupy-related group Greenpants projected “99%” on the side of Baltimore’s World Trade Center and planned art installations (which have been postponed until next week due to inclement weather).