The city cut off power to Occupy Baltimore’s portion of McKeldin Square at 5PM on Wednesday. Protesters gathered at the site on October 4 and many have been camping out continuously since. The city claimed that the extension cords running from the square’s electrical outlets created a public safety hazard.

Occupy protesters are looking for new ways to charge their cellphones, but have no plans to pack it in, even after the city demanded that the group scale back the protest to just two overnight “watchmen.”

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake defines her efforts to evict the protesters from the site not as an attack on freedom of speech or the Occupy ideals themselves, but merely as the eviction of an unlawful “campout.”

But in the world of political agitation, every ignored ultimatum from the establishment is one more exclamation point tacked on the end of your political statement. After camping through four weeks of almost no pushback from the city, who could really expect Baltimore’s “Occupy” protesters to pull out now, just when they are getting the chance to really agitate?