Baltimoreans Reveal Their Deepest Secrets, On Film

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PostSecret started as a website where people told their deepest, darkest secrets — anonymously. Now the website has partnered with We Are People on a video version of PostSecret; its crew was in Fells Point this past weekend, filming Baltimoreans reveal their secrets.

Of course, telling your secret on camera means that anonymity isn’t really possible. In the clip below, one woman tells her secret while facing away from the camera, so only the back of her head is visible — but if you knew her, you’d probably recognize her hair and/or voice. As a consequence, perhaps, the secrets revealed aren’t as shocking as some of the anonymous postcard submissions. “I’m addicted to social media,” one goateed man admits. ZZZzzzzzz….

Nonetheless, it’ll be fun to watch the final version, if only to see if you recognize any friends/neighbors/that guy from the coffee shop. Stay tuned to We Are People for the full-length video.

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