robodoves giant prize
The RoboDoves snagged the (gigantic)Mike Wade Engineering Award at a robotics competition in Baltimore.
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This is just the awesomest:  Western High School has an all-female robotics team with a cool name (the RoboDoves!). And they happen to be totally kickass at making robots — so much so, in fact, that they just qualified for the world championship. For the fifth time in six years.
A robotics competition is something like an 80s arcade game come to life:  teams build machines that travel around a gridded space, trying to lift bean bags into suspended troughs. (Each year, the challenge is a different one, to keep builders on their toes.)

robodoves inspection

Of course, it’s not all just fun and games; the team also has to submit an engineering report, documenting what they’ve made for the judges. That was no problem for the RoboDoves, who totally dominated last week’s qualifying tournament held at Baltimore Leadership School, coming in first in the finals and snagging the Excellence Award. Their performance qualifies them for the VEX World Championship which will be held in Anaheim, California next spring.

RoboDove Keimmie Booth gave a speech at TEDxYouth, talking about how she attended her first robotics meeting with a friend who just wanted the extra credit — and became shortly obsessed with how a team of girls could turn a box of seemingly-random metal pieces into a functioning robot. “Robotics has changed the way I felt about school,” she says.

robodoves award

We wish the RoboDoves luck in their quest for world dominance — although with the skills they’ve got, luck probably isn’t necessary!

robodoves machine

Images courtesy the RoboDoves Facebook page.