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Baltimore’s All-Girl Robotics Team Is Really, Really Rad

robodoves giant prize
The RoboDoves snagged the (gigantic)Mike Wade Engineering Award at a robotics competition in Baltimore.

This is just the awesomest:  Western High School has an all-female robotics team with a cool name (the RoboDoves!). And they happen to be totally kickass at making robots — so much so, in fact, that they just qualified for the world championship. For the fifth time in six years.

Garrison Forest Senior Competes in World Climbing Championships


Some people go to the Renaissance Festival for the mutton; others for the jousting. But for recent Garrison Forest graduate Nicole Hansen, the Ren Fest was special because it was where she first tried to clamber up a climbing wall. She was 9 years old, and the festival had three walls:  easy, medium, and hard. After zipping her way up the first two, Nicole readied herself for the difficult wall — only to be told by the guy running the show that she was too young, and it was too dangerous. “That kind of made me a little angry,” Nicole remembers. “So I decided to try rock climbing and get good at it.” “Good” is an understatement with Nicole. Last weekend, while many of her former Garrison Forest classmates were moving into their new college dorms and nervously checking their first-week schedules, Nicole was in Singapore, competing at the World Youth Sport Climbing Championship on behalf of Team USA.