Kids — they grow up so fast! Why, it was just the other day that Baby Nero, the Maryland Zoo’s ridiculously cute baby lemur, was clinging to his mother’s stomach, unable to get around on his own. Now that he’s three months old, though, Nero spends more time riding around on his mom’s back — when he’s not jumping, bouncing, and climbing.

“Nero is becoming more and more independent,” zoo officials say — and do we detect a note of nostalgia in their voice? If you need video proof that Nero has lost none of his adorable-ness, watch a video of him scampering around here:

Nero is the youngest member of the zoo’s family of Coquerel’s sifaka, an endangered species of lemur native to Madagascar. His mom, Anastasia; father, Gratian; and brother, Otto can be found in the zoo’s chimpanzee forest exhibit.