Here are a couple things you mayor may not know: One, there is a company that still makes film for Polaroid cameras. Two, there is a whole slew of alternative techniques for creating startling images with instant film.

Baltimore art hub Current Space has invited photographers Josie O’Keefe and Jon Campolo to lead a workshop on “creative manipulation techniques” for instant analog film. Participants will learn the basics of Polaroid photography, photograms (images created by placing objects directly on the photosensitive surface), emulsion lifts (where you actually transfer the photographic image to a new surface),  and other physical manipulation.

The Impossible Project is the company that continues to sell film for several Polaroid camera models. It was founded by a group of photographers, artists, and former Polaroid employees with an emotional stake in preventing “300,000,000 perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete” and keeping the world of analog photography alive.

Current Space’s workshop takes place on October 19. But you have to sign up by the fifth! It costs $50, which  includes use of Polaroid 600 camera, Impossible film, and necessary manipulation tools. Bring tchotchkes for your photograms.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Email with any questions.